What i want to say be for Pres. Obama dies!

23 01 2009

Barack Obama is not the anti-christ! But he is the one spoken of in
Rev. 17:10 as the 7th king. Jimmy Carter is the anti-christ( Gabreil
told me that) and will be the 8th king and is also one of the
previous 7 kings as the bible says. Geoge W. is king #6 wish the
bible refers to as “is” in the present tense. The 5 kings who are
fallen are, Ford, Carter,Reagan, Geoge H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton. these
5 x-pres. or kings as the bible refers to them as, were all alive at
the same time when Pres. Geoge W. Bush began his frist term in
office. So when the bible says there are 7 kings that means that all
7 of them were all alive at that point in time and the anti-christ is
1 of these 7 kings and will become king or pres.
again .
The arch-angel Gabreil told me that Jimmy Carter
had sigened a pack with the devil and that he was going to divorce
his wife and change his
The bible says in Dan. 11:20 that he(the anti-chist)
is not in line to inherit the throne but through some small group and
some lies and false promises he will become the king again during a
crisis, Wish is ware we are right now in a crisis, and everyone knows
that its probably going to get worse, maybe much worse. Maybe even
worse then the Great depression. And maybe some wars
I have been saying for years that Pres. Geoge W. is
king #6,even though i didn’t know who was going to come after him i
knew that guy (king #7) would be the last pres. before the coming of
the anti-christ. and it’s all on my web site
http://www.prophetelijahsp eaks.freewebspac e.com
I think that Jimmy Carter will
probably be assassinated before Pres. Obama dies. Also he will
probably come back alive before Obama dies so he can become pres.
again after Obama dies. Other wise the vise pres. Joe Biden would
become pres.

Bila anda belum membaca alkitab maka bacalah sekarang karena itulah Firman Tuhan yang Maha Agung




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